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Under all circumstances, these rules must be followed. Any exceptions will be listed at the moment they are worth mentioning. If not mentioned, the exception is promised to not exist.

Rules must be followed by any individual using this service. There are no exceptions.

Basic Guidelines

Being rude, unfair, or inconsiderate to another user will lead to restriction of your ability to use the service. If you are believed to be mistreating another user or making their experience lower quality directly or indirectly, you will be restricted temporarily.

If your post contains spoilers, please tag them as such. An admin may edit or remove your post if it contains an unmarked spoiler.

If you believe you have been unfairly punished by an admin, please notify us using our contacts:Ā 

By email:

Via our Discord server on the #hedge-suggestions chat room:Ā 

By our Chatango powered Live! service: (Look in the bottom right corner, or if on mobile, look at the bottom of the screen.)

Personal Information

Before using this service, please understand that sharing or requesting any personal information is immediately reason to remove a post.

Inappropriate personal information qualifies as: - Any information capable of revealing you or someone else's living space (IP address, home address, school's name, city's name, name of state) - Any information capable of revealing you or someone else's real world identity (Last name, display of face, specification of heritage)

There is no exception to our guidelines of personal information. If your username contains your real full name, we are going to shorten it. Planning of real life meetups is not an exception, and rather a violation.


Do not post the same thing repeatedly. This rule does however depend on circumstance, and will be human-moderated. If a violation of this rule occurs, your access will be restricted under spam.

Rehashing someone else's post is also considered a violation.

The rules apply universally.

If you are using the ECG Central Discord server, the Live! feature, or any other service attached to this one, the same rules will apply. Be very considerate and careful, and make sure you thoroughly understand the rules.

Do not discuss illegal activity.

If something is in violation of the law, your content will be removed based on severity. If the illegal activity discussed is of major concern (terrorism, murder and other forms of inflicting harm) law enforcement is going to be involved.

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